Angelina Jolie Spotted with kids Shopping Around West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and  two of her three daughters enjoyed a leisurely shopping spree at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s been a tough few weeks but the Maleficent actress has found time to enjoy some relaxation with two of her favourite girls.

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‘Mom look!’ Zahara, 13, and Shiloh, 12, shouted as they went to the center of the store and pointed up at the collage of ‘who’s who’ celebrities who have shopped at the world famous hotspot, ‘Your picture is up there!’

Sandwiched in between photos of the Kardashians, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, the girls found the photo of their mom in a white blouse and skirt, being ushered out the back door of the kids’ store in 2006.

‘Oh my, when was that?’ Angelina, 43, sort of chuckled as she too stared upwards.

Kitson owner Fraser Ross tells the Daily, ‘It was a cute ‘aha’ moment, when you spot your mom on our celebrity ‘hall of fame’ display.’

With her hair pinned in a chic updo, Angelina, 43, hit the shops in a floaty black maxi dress which featured an embroidered detail across the chest and a cape bodice.



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