Fashion Designer With 9 Fibroid Tumors Miraculously Got Pregnant

A fashion designer ‘Isi Atagamen Sakalis’ has taken to her Instagram to profess that miracles indeed happen.


She shared her story;

“Hey lovelies!!! Let me share this testimony. Would you guys believe i was pregnant in this picture and even i had no idea. Fast forward to my pregnancy test and scanā€¦ I was told i had fibroid Tumors- about 9 or more of them including one that was 11cm in diameter protruding at the entrance of my Cervix but because we serve a living God, The creator of all creations. I could conceive despite doctors reports/doubtā€™s.

Once when i went for anti natal a nurse cursed out loud saying ā€˜God forbidā€™ after seeing my womb . Another doc was surprised asking if we had an ivf. That is what God can do. I had my beautiful and healthy daughter months later.

You see i want to encourage you. Donā€™t fret! Donā€™t be sad! Be thankful Be happy, think happy thoughts, think about what you want and project it into existenceā€¦ Trust God it it will happen just as you have seen it.

I donā€™t know what you are trusting or believing God for but i Decree today that Your prayers are answered and desires met. God will meet you at your point of need!! You will have a big celebration in your homes with your mouth filled with Thanksgiving to God. God bless you!! #alifeatatimes #letschangelives #keepspreadingloveā€

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