Reasons Why Your Ex Still Think About You After A Virgin Relationship

Virgin Relationship is special, innocent and most pure form of love. No matter how hard you try, will forever remember the hugs, cuddles, holding hands, sweet whispers, long drives, late night conversations and the romantic strolls.

This beautiful memories will linger in your mind and heart even after break up for the rest of your life.

The idea of “virginity” is often misinterpreted as the whole host of societal pressure a couple is likely faced on the concept and what losing it means. People have varying degrees of sentimentality about losing their virginity.

For some people, usually males virginity is something to be gotten rid of quickly and without too much fanfare. For others usually females, but not always virginity is a precious state to be lost only when you’ve found someone you truly love.

For others still, it’s not that big a deal either way: it’s a pretty neutral event; a normal and uneventful part of growing up. You can’t completely prevent one of you getting hurt feelings or regretting what happened, but you can reduce the chances with clear, honest communication up-front.


Here are Reasons That Your Ex Still Think About You

1) Experiencing Intimacy For The First Time

When asked about the memories of first kiss, first hug, first cuddle and the first time they had sex, Faces immediately lights up with a smile and a glow that is simply priceless.

This happens because experiencing intimacy for the first time gets attached in the memory forever. It is usually experienced with first crushes and first loves, the time when a simple act of holding hands makes you sweat and a romantic hug gives you goosebumps all over your body.



2) First Love Is The Most Innocent Love

People don’t fall in love for the first time with expectations or malicious intentions. It is a pure and innocent attraction, led by the mind and not the heart.

It marks the beginnings of whole dating affair, the whole world seems beautiful and life becomes perfect. It is like wearing rose tinted sunglasses 24/7, even in your dreams.

This angelic feeling of first love can never be replicated in its purest form into another relationship because once innocence is lost on a personal level, it can never be translated . This is what makes it so unique and special.



3) First love Exposes Your Insecurities

First attempts of relationship will expose many of your insecurities which you never knew about. For example, your first relationship will be the first time when you actually realize what it is like to be a jealous girlfriend/boyfriend.

Another is ‘ KISS AND TELL’. This another form of insecurity, No one likes it when you talk about them to your friends. It’s our worst nightmare to think that you and your friends might be gossiping about your sex life to people on the outside.

From jealousy to possessiveness to extreme dependence, first love is when guys and girls realize how matters of the heart can bring even the strongest down to their knees.



4) One Attaches All Hopes And Dreams To It Thinking That It will Last Forever

First courtship seems perfect from all angels. Couples in their first love relationship immerse themselves in such a blissful perfection.

There are no assumptions at this point because they have never experienced love before. The puppy love effect makes them believe that this love will last forever.

This sense of lasting love will make you attach all you have with your first love relationship. It is just like focusing all your life’s attention and goals to just one thing.

This extreme sense of attachment is hard to break away from. Even after a bitter breakup, you will find it impossible to see yourself living your life without your first love.



5) First Experience And Believe In Perfect Love

First love relationship is the time you consider that your fancy is perfect. Your love knows just one language, the one oral by your heart. near are no hang-ups, no complications and no expectations while original be keen on is budding.

This creates memories of perfectness that are powerful to forget. No problem how former you get, no concern how mature you become, you will at all times sue or this perfectness of initially devotion in the relationships of your soulmate.

Once you move on from your first love, there will be a disheartening sense of realization that you will never be able to recreate this perfectness in love again.



6) Emotionally Intense And Extremely Euphoric

The sheer excitement of sympathetically adorable for the first time will make you carve every single moment forever. Also first love is extremely emotional which is why every little fight and argument is exhausting.

One will let go and take a dive into the unknown. It is like the memories of all other ‘firsts’ in your life, except that this one is much stronger.

Think of how you will never forget the day when you first hugged and kissed, that’s multiply of intense euphoria by a thousand times. Even that may be nowhere near to the kind of impact first love will leave on your mind, making it extremely hard to forget.

This range and extend of emotional highs and lows makes first love a one time ride never to be repeated again.



7) First Heartbreak Is Shattering

First love happens at a young age. Just like how the euphoria of falling in love is extreme, the agonizing feeling of having your trust broken in a relationship for the first time.

This is the opening time you will go through I’m sorry and what it feels to have your heart broken. The cataclysmic disperse of your number one be devoted to association is augmented into an emotionally frightening fireball.


8) The Painful Regret Of How Too Early And Too Fast It Ended

At this time, you start asking questions like, Why did I have sex with such a loser? Why did I trust him/her with all my heart? Why didn’t I see that he/she was cheating on me? Why did I even Meet him/her in the first place..?

These are just some of the elements of heart wrenching regret that ensues after the breakup of first love. This makes you do stupid things including committing too early, putting your hopes into one person, getting intimate even if you are not sure and lots more.




I’ve always lived by a unique rule which is taking action instead of regretting. Chances are that your Ex is still in love at the point of reading this. In this case, two things are involved which will either change your life for the better and open another version of you (both works for me).

Take the bold step and amend the relationship and heaven will be your stepping stone. The older you get, life will burdened you with many new responsibilities year after year and you may never get to experience the absolute love and enjoying each and every moment of it like before.

This is why the memories of first love will remain in your mind for the rest of your life.

We’ll like to hear your first love Story..?







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