50 Cent Takes Feud To Another level And Buys 200 Front Row Ja Rule tickets So Seats Would Be Empty


50 Cent has always been the kind to put a lot of effort into trolling his celebrity peers. Rapper 50 Cent, has always been the kind of man who will trolled his fellow Celebrities. He has politely dubbed the King of Petty, has taken his feud with Ja Rule to whole other level by purchasing a bunch of front row seats for his concert so that they would be empty.

‘People think I’m mean so go see this. $15 bucks wait what I do now LOL,’ he wrote as an Instagram caption alongside a photo of the tickets being sold on Groupon.

The Ja’s show is set to be held on 9 November, in Arlington Texas.


Commenting under the post, he said: ‘I just bought 200 seats in the front so they can be empty. LOL. The 42-year old former Power actor could most likely make a living out of this as he posted a Photo shopped image of himself sitting on his lonesome at an event surrounded by a bunch of empty front row seats.

‘Fun hip hop FACT: @50cent is PUSSY,’ he wrote, adding a series of messages speculating about 50 Cent’s sexual preferences.

‘What’s funny is @50cent [lets] women and MEN play with his butthole… that’s kinda funny,’ he wrote, adding ‘@50cent keeps my name in his mouth… I think he’d rather have my dick in his mouth lmao.’




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