G-Eazy 2-Face Poison Ivy Outfit Goes Viral After Halsey’s Breakup


Both couple loves throwing jabs at each other.

Previously Singer Halsey dressed up as Poison Ivy for a Gotham-themed Halloween party on Oct. 26, G-Eazy also dresses up as an iconic Batman villain, Two-Face, on Oct. 27.

While one fan commented on the Instagram post of his costume, “i thought u guys broke up. OKAY SHIP SAILING,” the other possibility is that the two of them originally planned to dress up together as part of a couple’s costume before they split again. Check out both of their costumes below and decide for yourself whether this is a mere coincidence or the two planned to go together as Batman villains.



When it comes down to it, G-Eazy felt that Halsey had accused him of doing something he would never think about doing in the first place: cheating. “In G’s mind she is being very dramatic and always trying to start s*** that is not really worth starting, s*** that just isn’t true,” a source close to the rapper told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

“She feels he does a lot more bad s*** like cheating when he wouldn’t even think about doing any of that in the first place. He just wants to live his best life and be extremely drama free at the moment. He still loves her but needs to do his own thing for a while. That is what is healthy for him right now.”



Apparently, Halsey’s concerns over his wandering eye were deep. “Halsey was always worried about G-Eazy‘s wandering eye,” a source close to Halsey told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s out performing all of the time on the road with girls everywhere and she was performing elsewhere and he loves the female fan attention. She was always worried about if he was being loyal and faithful.”

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