All the Blush Techniques Used By Professional Makeup Artists

All the Blush Techniques Used By Professional Makeup Artists

Just like with lipstick or eyeliner, blush can be used to achieve different aesthetics depending on how and where it’s applied.

💄You can create a healthy, natural-looking glow by swirling a small dab of colour onto the apples of the cheeks and buffing it out in circular motions.


💄Another technique is Draping that can be done with a soft and fluffy, smaller-to-medium sized brush and simply involves applying it on the temple area, draping the colour downward across the cheekbones so that it frames the face.


💄Sun-Kissed: All Over Glow

This technique works best when applied on top of bronzer. It acts as a base layer that helps to diffuse the blush’s pigment so it doesn’t come off too harsh against the skin.


💄If you want to create a definition without contouring, blush is an excellent alternative. The best way to achieve this sculpted, sophisticated look is to buff your blush directly onto the cheekbones, and just above — almost where you would normally place highlighter.


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