How to Get Rid of Your Stubborn Acne

How to Get Rid of Your Stubborn Acne


Of all the different types of acne, cystic acne is definitely the worst of all. “Cystic acne, better known as nodular acne, are active pimples that sometimes have plenty of pus inside. A typical breakout of nodular acne begins with slight pain beneath the skin with no changes on the surface. Then in a few days, they surface as painful red pimples, staying for a few weeks and then settle after leaving a scar.


The topical treatment for cystic acne entails using a combination of benzoyl peroxide and adapalene which are the drugs of choice in topical creams.

Benzoyl Peroxide helps to kill off the acne-causing bacteria, while adapalene (a form of synthetic retinol,) helps to exfoliate the skin.

For a super painful zit, doctors suggest making a cocktail of salicylic acid to dry out extra oil, benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria, and hydrocortisone to calm inflammation and redness.


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